' They Call Me June: March 2013
Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are you ready for some football???

The sun is out, warming up the trees and flowers. Leaves and petals are blooming; spring in the Valley of the Sun is like no other - utterly beautiful and so darn nice out! 
I know in most families springtime brings about basketball or baseball season, 
but here in the Yori Household, it's FOOTBALL TIME! 
My son is obsessed and insisted on playing spring flag football. So here we go again.  
This time, he's on the Cardinals team (I think his heart actually stopped for a second when I told him this fact). It's a different coach, but we really like him, the assistant coaches and the families.  
We are super excited for this season!

So two practices a week and games on Saturdays - this is where we will be until mid-May. 
We would love to have anyone and everyone join us for games. 
Let me know and I will get you a schedule. :)

Here are my folding chairs - they will not leave my car for the next two months. 

 Huddle before the next play, Karsten is on the far right. 

Here's my little man in action - on the far left, he just hiked the ball to the QB.

 Again on the far left. 

 I couldn't help myself, here's a picture of his cute tush.
(He would kill me if he knew I posted this picture!)

Go Cards!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Lala Gets Her Ears Pierced! (Much to Daddy's Dismay)

So my little baby girl finally got her ears pierced! She has been wanting this for years! It's been a hot debate in our family; mostly because her Daddy did NOT want holes put in his precious daughter's body.  I needed to explain to my better half, this is ear piercing, not nose or belly button. 
 He begrudgingly gave in and we were off to Claire's! Ella was so nervous, but once the technician did it, she was fine, not a single tear! 
And she loves them!!!!! So excited for this milestone in her life. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And she does it again . . .

I just recently wrote about my little Lala Jane. She is quite a character. Here is a prime example . . .

 The other night I was driving Karsten and Ella home from their Grandpa White Hair's house. 
Karsten was using my phone, asking Siri the capitals for different states. 
Karsten said that Siri was so smart and I responded, but of course, she's a computer. 
Ella gasped from the back seat and exclaimed, 
"I thought Siri was a small lady speaking into a microphone!" 
This entire time, Ella thought there was a tiny little woman living in my phone, 
waiting for us to ask her questions and then respond back to us.  
I love how her little brain works!