' They Call Me June: December 2008
Monday, December 29, 2008


I have been completely slacking on my blog! I think my Facebook addiction overwhelmed me! I'm rehabilitated now (somewhat) and I am trying to keep up with my blog now. I have done a super fast year in review since May.  I promise to be better from now on! Love and kisses - Lizzie
Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Joy

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Later in the day, we traveled to the Gleason's to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. My mom is one of five children and the Gleason family is huge! Christmas with them is my absolutely favorite thing to do! Tons of laughs, jokes, wine! What more do you need on Christmas?! Karsten got a super cute Home Depot tool belt that he and Ella had fun playing with.

My gorgeous niece, after her nap . . . super snuggly.
My cousin Shauna and her daughter, Isabella.
Just a few of the cousins . . . from left to right, Katie, Shauna, Me, Amy, Megan (and my aunt Kim snuck into the picture)

Christmas Morning

This has definitely been the best Christmas we've had so far! Karsten was beyond excited for Christmas and Santa. On Christmas Eve, Mark found an airplane with a blinking red light and told Karsten it was Santa, starting to deliver presents. But we told him he won't come to our house until he's asleep. He went running into the house, screaming to Ella that they needed to go to bed! It was hysterical! The next morning, Karsten was up first. We had the "Santa" presents unwrapped, under the tree. Karsten got a huge dinosaur that he can sit on, it plays music, eats leaves, moves his head and eyes. It's awesome! Karsten named it Bronco, after the horse he rode at the dude ranch. After Karsten got over the shock and excitement of his new toy, he looked at me and said, "This is all I ever wanted, this is just what I wanted for Christmas." My heart burst with joy! I love my son and I love what Christmas is - happiness, love and family. We have been so very blessed!

Little Ella wasn't as excited about Santa this year. She even got scared when we told her that Santa was coming to the house to drop off the presents! We had to reassure her that he loves her and would never hurt her! She woke up after Karsten and didn't see her present at first - started crying that Santa had forgotten her gift! She's just a tad bit dramatic! When she finally saw her present - she loved it! Ella got her first doll house. It's a Hello Kitty doll house with a whole family of Hello Kitty's and tons of furniture! She stays so busy, rearranging her furniture and playing house with her kitty family. 

Karsten relaxing with Grandpa Rich before the second round of presents start. My mom, Rich, Megan, Mike, Ava and Mike's parents came over for more presents and breakfast. 
Mom and Rich surprised us with a Wii! It has been so much fun! We all love it!
Little Ava in her new hat - to keep her warm when she heads up to Flagstaff to visit her other grandparents!
Ella decided she was hot - she went topless the rest of the morning.
Me-la (Grandma) got Ella a kid - friendly Karaoke system that has a video camera built in so you can see yourself on the TV as you sing. Needless to say, she loves it!
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had Mark's family over to the house for Christmas Eve. I put out horns, confetti and poppers. The poppers are a tradition I have gotten from my Nana M. The poppers contain a paper crown and few toys. Something fun to play with as you sit down to eat! The kids were so excited for Christmas and it was so much fun having everyone over! Even after I stopped freaking out about the mess! (New Year's Resolution #2 - get over the OCD!) 

Ella and her Uncle Dustin were dancing!

The Yori/Wilson kids . . .

Best Friends!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dude Ranch

My dad's family had a huge family reunion in Tucson at the White Stallion Ranch. We had so much fun! There was unlimited horseback riding, food and drinks! They had a heated pool, a playground, arcade games, and a petting zoo. Each family had their own cabin. We had a great relaxing weekend. But Marky and I were so sore after riding! Karsten was old enough to ride a big horse (5 years old is the minimum age) - he looked so small on that big horse; but he was in love! His horse's name was Bronco - Bronco only had one eye and was slower than a snail, but Karsten was hooked! They gave Karsten a crop (a little stick) to get Bronco to move and every time he did, Bronco would trot and Karsten would yelp with joy. It was wonderful! My heart was bursting with pride for my little guy! Little Ella was too small for riding but there was so much other stuff to do, she didn't even mind. What a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York City

I work for the most amazing doctor ever! Our team earned a trip to NYC with our hubby's. We had the most perfect, fabulous time! This was like a Honeymoon for Marky and I - the city was lit up for Christmas and there was love and energy everywhere! The pictures don't even do it justice! Thank you Dr. Larrabee!