' They Call Me June: March 2010
Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner at Nana Carmela's!

Thank goodness Marky has kept in touch with Nana Carmela! She is definitely not your typical "Nana", she is much younger, extremely beautiful and a super talented hair colorist. Mark and Carmela used to work at Pucci Salon together and have kept in touch these past few years. Carmela is probably one of the best cooks I have ever come across and having dinner at her house is like having a seven course meal at a five star restaurant. Her son, Lorenzo was in town visiting from CA so she invited us over to have dinner with her, her husband and her husband's friend. It was amazing as always and the kids ate fabulously and had so much good food in their little bodies, I was so happy!

The munchkins and Nana's hubby's friend.

Marky and Lorenzo

Beautiful Nana Carmela!

And the celebrations continue . . .

We were able to celebrate Hannah's birthday at a full size gym! The instructors took the kids and the parents went upstairs to watch from the balcony. (This didn't please Ella too much as you'll see later.)

Here are the kiddos lined up - and Ella not facing in the right direction or paying attention. :)

Following the instructor to the next place to play!

Here is Ella crying and brother trying to console her, to no avail. I had to go down TWICE to get her! She said she was frustrated (wrong use of the word) and she missed me. At least I know she loves me!

Future gymnasts . . .

Happy Birthday Hanz!

Kar and Ella longing to go back down - well maybe just Kar. He really wants me to sign him up for gymnastics! Is that better or worse than when I signed him up for dance class?

My dear friend, Candace (Hannnah's mama) and her fab hubby, Brad, in our background.

Miss you.
Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Ava!

Our birthday celebration month continues with little Ava Beans! She turned TWO! We had a nice birthday party at a park with a bounce house (it's the thing to do). :) 

Mimi and Ava

Kar and Ava up above.

My love . . . xoxo!

Aaahhhh! Babies! My gorgeous friend, Kristin made it out to Gilbert with her two newborn twins, Olivia and Sebastian. They are too amazing for words and I was so happy to see them!

Uncle Marky with baby Jon Nordling.

Of course there was a pinata - I only showcased a picture of Isabella hitting the pinata because she did WORK on it! Holy cow, she was going at it crazy like! It was so cute! 

Ella and Bella

Grandpa Steve and Kar

My Nana and baby Jon

Ava ditched her skirt and was playing in her new high heels. Awesome outfit, Beans!

Me and my babies - not babies anymore, I guess, but still all mine!

We love birthday and parties and this month has been so fun with all of the celebrations! We are so lucky  to have so many friends and family that have a birthday this month. Happy Birthday, xoxo!
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mark and I took a business trip to Atlanta and while we were gone, my Dad took the kids to the Renaissance Festival for one day. They came home happy, fed and tired! And tattooed! They loved it!

Karsten also got a fantastic sword!

Ella got a beautiful princess headband.

Thanks Grandpa Steve for taking such great care of the kids and being such a great Grandpa!
Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mi-la!!

Happy, happy birthday Mi-la! We all gathered at my house for Mark's famous spaghetti and meatballs. One of Mi-la's favs, good thing since we were celebrating her b-day! The Giglio's made it over, all the way from next door and brought a huge birthday cupcake! We had so much fun and I think the birthday girl did too! We love you Mi-la!

Mi-la with two of her three granddaughters.

Mi-la's favorite (and only) grandson.

The Paulus' girls.

Mimi, Mi-la and Charlie.

Jen and Taylor Giglio.

My love!

My other love!

The love of my life!

The little girls, ready to eat!

Happy Birthday Mi-la!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jaspyr's Third Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Jaspyr! We celebrated Jaspyr's third birthday at a park with a fun bounce house and great food. Jaspyr is my kids' sitter's (Shanna) daughter. I hate calling Shanna a "sitter" because she is so much more than that. She is like a second mom to my munchkins and I could not do my life without her. I am so grateful for her! Anyways, we all gathered on Saturday to play and eat and to celebrate Jaspyr! Crazy, sweet, little, Jaspyr, Happy Birthday!

Karsten in the bounce house . . .

Ella and Jaspyr in the bounce house!

Happy Birthday!

Mmmmm . . . .

Mimi and Ava

Shanna and Jaspyr