' They Call Me June: January 2009
Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve, we traveled down to Tucson to visit Shauna and her family. She was having a little dinner party. Mark and I brought the Wii and Shauna had a great dinner planned for us; and homemade chicken strips and fries for the munckins. In the words of my cousin Katie, we were getting "WILD"!
PS: I got bangs! 
Shauna had the tables set up beautifully! We were joined by my sister and Ava. Brandon also invited a fellow Cat co-worker and his family. They had two boys - ages two and four - perfect for my crazy kids!

Ava getting nutty!
Marky was so tired! He had worked all day and then I made him drive us down to Tucson! I have a very understanding and loving husband!
I brought some left over poppers and horns for the kids . . .

Daddy fell asleep and we were all snuggly in our jammers - not my usual New Year's Eve - but it will probably get more common as the years go by!!
Karsten cozied up to Shauna - when I put him to bed, he asked where Shauna was! He has a new favorite person to tuck him into bed!
Ella's always my night owl - the kids actually stayed up til midnight! Passed out shortly after. But I had to say, Shauna and I were up to four in the morning. Time really flies when there's lots of wine and old photos to sort through! How's that for WILD, Katie?!