' They Call Me June: June 2013
Thursday, June 13, 2013

Annual Summer Trip to Nana & Papa's Cabin

Shauna and I always coordinate our summer trips to Pinetop/Lakeside to visit my Grandparents.  The kids have so much fun together and so do we! Here's our trip this year. After we spent a couple of days at Nana and Papa's cabin, we went to visit Shauna's mom and daddy.  They had a new fluffy, BIG puppy that my kids were obsessed with! Gemma is so amazing! We made a stop in Payson for the night on our way home to visit Mela and Papa Rich of course. Love having family in the mountains of Arizona. It makes for the BEST weekend getaways during a long hot summer!

Addie is my long lost baby. She is my special special girl!

We got to celebrate Bella's birthday while we were up north as well!
Shauna sneaking a taste of Bella's ice cream cake before we brought it out. I, of course, had nothing to do with the making of this cake, but helped keep Shauna's wine glass full while she slaved in the kitchen!

Jon Jon having some cake!
Beautiful Bella and Shauna

Annual picture on the patio before we took off.  Nana took it since she was still in her flannels and didn't have her "face" on. 

Kars with Gemma. He SO wants a big dog!

Ella Jane with Gemma. Gemma was so good and let the kids pet her to death!

Beans on the way home. Too much fun!

Karsten's favorite place to be - on Mela's lap, playing her phone. Someday he will be too big!