' They Call Me June: September 2009
Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Fall 2009

It's a new season of soccer! Go Kar! We are trying out a new league, AYSO, which is a huge organization, but seems to be run very well. The team size is smaller than his last, only 10 kids. Also, the games they play are 3 on 3, and the all the kids get rotated in. This is such a great thing, if there are more kids on the field, it's just a big mess of kids trying to get to one little ball. We have had three games so far and four practices. Last week at practice, I was watching Kar and it just seemed liked something clicked. His ball control was great and he looked more sure of himself. Well at the game last week, my little baby boy scored SIX goals! I couldn't believe it! He would get the ball away from the other team and he was off! He dribbled down the field and kicked it in! Over and over again! Even the coach made a comment about how he was on fire that day! I never needed Karsten to be number one or win lots of games in soccer, that was never our goal. I want him to be involved with sports and try his best. That's our saying, "Just Try Your Best". That's all I'll ever ask of him.

His best is the most I ever need.

But it sure is so much fun to see him EXCEL!

These pictures are from his first practice and game. We would love to see you at one of his games sometime. They are held at Greenfield and Warner, just behind Polar Ice. His games are on Saturdays, but the times vary week by week. Please let me know if you'd like to come and I'll let you know what time he's playing at.

He's number 6 . . . he was so excited to get that number because he just turned 6!
Friday, September 11, 2009

Grandparents Day at CRRE

Karsten's school had a lunch for grandparents/parents. We were all invited to join them for recess, then stay to have lunch with the kiddos. We had a lot of fun! My dad was able to make it and so were Mark's mom and stepfather. Karsten was so happy and excited to have them there!

Here are my dad and Ava in Karsten's class before recess.

Jen and Taylor, our fab neighbors. We are so lucky, Taylor is in the same class as Karsten; it's the best having this fantastic family share Kindergarten with us.

Grandma Blackhair and Papa (Karsten made up Grandma's name. For awhile, he was identifying people by the color of their hair!)

Dad and Ava

Mama and Karsten

It was a great day - thanks for sharing your lunch with us, Karsten! And thank you grandma and grandpas for coming! Karsten was over the moon that you came! He's so lucky to have such wonderful g-parents in his life!
Friday, September 4, 2009

Ella Starts School!

So two days after our fabulous vacation to Indiana, my littlest munchkin started preschool! It was so hectic, trying to get things settled from the vacation, back to work, Karsten back to school, it seemed like her first day just snuck up on us. This was Ella's first little steps into the world of school!

Ella had been so excited to go to school. Especially since her older cousin (older by four days) was going to be in her class. Gracie and Ella have a really special, solid friendship; they play so well together. Because of our vacation, Ella missed the open house and the first two days school. Her first day was on a Friday, and the drop off didn't go so well.

Grace wasn't in class yet, and Ella started crying so MUCH! I was very surprised. I guess I thought since she was excited, she wouldn't be nervous - I was wrong. She was was a little, sad, crying Ella. It broke my heart! Gracie showed up and that seemed to calm Ella down a bit, until I tried to leave and then the little sad tears came again! I finally left and then I started to cry. All the Yori girls were crying that morning!

But of course, when I picked up my favorite little girl, she was all smiles and happiness! She was so excited to show me her school work. And my heart was bursting with pride and joy! She loved school and was so proud to share the things she made and learned. What a wonderful thing!

Here are the pictures from the beginning of the morning . . .

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pied Piper Contest

Hi Everyone!

Check out the Pied Piper's Blog. She is giving away two mini sessions! Go here!

Love, Lizzie