' They Call Me June: December 2012
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas was a blur . . .

Whew! Five Christmases in three days for the Yori's this past Holiday Season. I've always celebrated Christmas numerous times with different family so running around is nothing new to me - it's just Christmas. :) I love getting together, bringing different friends and family to a house to be with each other. It just doesn't happen that often during the year. I am so BLESSED to have such amazing family and friends. I think of those who don't have as much love and support, and I am GRATEFUL for what I do have.  I have to keep myself focused during the busy times, focused on the reason for the season . . . LOVE, CHARITY, MAGIC. Here's hoping you found some of that too! 

Ella Jane with Uncle Dustin at the Wilson's Christmas Party

 The munchies playing football at the Wilson Home

 Sophie, the blind, amazing dog

 Mark and Mama K at Big Mark's house

 Christmas came early for the kiddos! 

Christmas Eve at our house
 Tay Wei and Ella Jane

 Mark III and lovely Christa

 Mama K and I having too much fun!

Christmas Morning . . . holy smokes! So many presents!

 Little ones with beanies on . . .

 The whole family got new bikes! Ella is suited up and ready to ride!

At the Gleason Family Christmas . . . . one of my favorite places to be ever in the whole wide world! This my long lost baby, Addie May. She lives in Tucson, but holds a special place in my heart.

My gorgeous cousin, Shauna (and Addie May's pretend mom) and her Dad, my Uncle Chip

 This is why I loved Christmas this year - I LOVE this sight. My babes on bikes (including my hubs), plus my little furry baby in my bike basket! It's a new era for the Yori family . . . watch out, we are peddling fools!