' They Call Me June: 2013
Thursday, June 13, 2013

Annual Summer Trip to Nana & Papa's Cabin

Shauna and I always coordinate our summer trips to Pinetop/Lakeside to visit my Grandparents.  The kids have so much fun together and so do we! Here's our trip this year. After we spent a couple of days at Nana and Papa's cabin, we went to visit Shauna's mom and daddy.  They had a new fluffy, BIG puppy that my kids were obsessed with! Gemma is so amazing! We made a stop in Payson for the night on our way home to visit Mela and Papa Rich of course. Love having family in the mountains of Arizona. It makes for the BEST weekend getaways during a long hot summer!

Addie is my long lost baby. She is my special special girl!

We got to celebrate Bella's birthday while we were up north as well!
Shauna sneaking a taste of Bella's ice cream cake before we brought it out. I, of course, had nothing to do with the making of this cake, but helped keep Shauna's wine glass full while she slaved in the kitchen!

Jon Jon having some cake!
Beautiful Bella and Shauna

Annual picture on the patio before we took off.  Nana took it since she was still in her flannels and didn't have her "face" on. 

Kars with Gemma. He SO wants a big dog!

Ella Jane with Gemma. Gemma was so good and let the kids pet her to death!

Beans on the way home. Too much fun!

Karsten's favorite place to be - on Mela's lap, playing her phone. Someday he will be too big!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cardinals Football Camp

Um, what?! Cardinals Football Camp with all the new rookie players on the Cardinals Team? And my little buddy gets to go? And play? And learn drills with them?? Holy crud! I thought Karsten's head might explode when I told him! It was super hot, but so fun. The girls were really good and patient. He had the best time and completely passed out in the car on the way home! The football players were so sweet and cool. What an awesome opportunity! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Beau!

I love road trips with my boo and one that takes us to Sedona to celebrate Mr. Flahart's birthday . . .
Well, sign me up! 

Renee' found this amazing place called the Butterfly Garden, 
just outside of Sedona, a bit past Slide Rock. 
Mark and I had a small cabin to ourselves and 
three other couples stayed in a bigger cabin right next to us.  
It was perfect weather and perfect company. 
We couldn't have asked for a better weekend away. 

He always makes a silly face! 

In the pines - sunshine and a cool breeze. 

Fashion was not a priority for the boys this weekend. 
Every morning, hanging from a hook outside on our patio, was a breakfast basket. Yum and so stinkin' cute!

The girls made their way to L'Auberge while the boys golfed.
Mimosas and omlettes. Mmmmm.

Whit and Mo trying to save the puppy "trapped" in a cabin.
It was more like breaking and entering. 
I love these chicks. Somehow craziness ensues when we get together.
At the beginning of our night - still sweet and cute. 

And so it begins . . . 

I don't even know what happened after this! 
I do know an alarm was activated and some weird posing happened outside on the sign for the resort.
That's all I'm going to say about that!
Thursday, May 23, 2013


What are the chances we will see this again in our life? 
Well, maybe, I guess. But it's been a looooong time since I've laid my eyes on this vehicle so we had to stop and play!

The Wienermobile is making it's way around this beautiful country over the next year and made a pit stop in Gilbert. We got Oscar Meyer Wiener Whistles and I found these three hot dogs as well!

Mmmmm, hot dogs. :)

Goodbye First & Third Graders!

 I think I get more sad on the last day of school than on the first.  
There is something so final about the end of school. 
Another year has gone by.
The kids keep growing older.
(And so do I!)
It gets harder and harder to say goodbye to these grades as Karsten and Ella progress through school. 
So many different challenges and interesting things await us in the coming times. 

This was a good year though . . . we had great teachers, the kids did so well in school, fun friends. 

I have to brag a bit - Karsten ended up with straight A's, and improved on his percentages in every subject from the last quarter. 
Ella is meeting and even exceeding her subjects at school as well.
 (They don't give grades yet for Ella, so I just have descriptions for her.)

I am so proud. 

Just look at those monkeys - who wouldn't want to be their Mama?! 

Well, Hello Summer, we have missed your lazy days, full of vacations, movies and swimming. 
Much more fun to follow in the coming months. 

But goodbye to my first and third graders, I will see a second and fourth grader soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Football's OVER!

It was a great season! This was Karsten's second time playing in this league and I think we found a home with this team. We met some great teammates and families and had so much fun! We are hoping to stay with this coach and a few other players for next season as well. Three months and counting til fall season starts! :)

Here are some pics from Karsten's playoffs.  The teams play until they lose - all day if that's what it takes. Going into the playoffs, the Cardinals were 4 and 4 - right in the middle of the pack. 
We expected to win the first game, but beyond that, not much else. 

Here is a picture of our "camp". Lots of folding chairs and umbrellas.
Here is Karsten scoring a touchdown during the first game which we WON! Yay!
Now onto the next game . . . 

 The team we were playing in the second round was considerably better, but these boys played perfectly and they WON AGAIN! Holy moly, it was exciting!

Karsten prevented the other team from scoring by pulling this kid's flag at the one yard line.
He got it! He got it!

 Here is the team celebrating after their second WIN!

The third game we played was as tough as the second.  It came down to a one point difference, and we lost. But there was nothing to be sad about, these boys and coaches were amazing this day and everyone had so much fun cheering them on!
(I may have been hoarse the next day. :))

My little guy when we got home - he slept for hours!

Go Cards! These little guys are awesome football players!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not my Ella!

Would you believe it if I told you Ella ended up in the hospital needing stitches almost one month exactly after Karsten?! Surely you may say, I am joking. Nope, you would be incorrect! 
My beautiful daughter's, perfect little face, needed 5 stitches right by her eye.  It was horrible.  
I will save you the gory details and the horrible stress of the situation, but the end result is that we ended up at the same hospital I had to take Karsten to 30 days before. 
Ella's cut was a bit more severe and required stitches instead of the "glue" Karsten's chin received.  
We will have to go get the stitches removed next week and she will be wearing hats and sunscreen every. single. day. for at least a year.  

My sweet La la fell asleep on me later in the evening.
She was scared to sleep without a bandaid in case she rolled over on her stitches. 

My husband has pictures of us in the hospital, but I couldn't bring myself to take any.  
It was too heartbreaking.  She was so scared and I just want to forget that day and move forward.  

Having babies is hard and scary. And then they grow a little older and a bit more independent and you think, oh this is easier. And it's NOT - it's harder and scarier in different ways.  

But I will say a special thank you for this small injury my daughter (and son) incurred.  
Thank heavens those little bodies are still healthy and happy. 
If this is one of our hardest days we have, I am overly grateful for that and for that, I give thanks!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I know the BEST Mothers. I truly do. 
 Between my friends, cousins, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and my MIL and MOM . . . 
I am surrounded by some amazing ladies.  

We had the pleasure of hosting a few at our home on Mother's Day. 
Marky out did himself again with a meal that was out of this world and I got to hang with my lovely gals. 

Grammie, Jessica, Karen, Me, Meggy, Mom

I hope all the wonderful Mamas had a wonderful day full of love 
and lots of appreciation for all they do! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Busted Chin

So when I received the call from the nurse at the kids' school, my first thought was one of them threw up, or wasn't feeling well.  I never thought, in a million years, that she would tell me Karsten had an accident on the playground, hurt his chin and may need a stitch or two. 
 I raced to his school mid-day, and took him to the ER to be checked out.  

Karsten SO did not want stitches - he was very worried and upset about the thought of getting them. Luckily, he was able to get this thing called "glue".  It kept the skin together to let it heal like stitches, but without the scar (or needles!). Karsten would have said yes to anything the doctor suggested as long as he didn't say "stitches". 

So we left with "glue", a nasty bruise and instructions for no football or swimming for a week. That was a loooooong week, for both of us and when time was up, I was so happy for him to go run around!

With the "glue" on . . . 

 A few days after the accident . . .

Happy this is behind us, though I'm not betting on the fact that that was our last time in an ER. 
Raising a boy . . .  never a dull moment!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

And the football saga continues . . .

My man LOVES football.  He adores playing and I LOVE watching! 
Here are some action shots of my little guy playing. 
BTW, the last one of Karsten caching the football in the air, was for a TOUCHDOWN! :)

I am so lucky, I have my amazing family to help cheer Kars on. 
My sissy is always there and now Papa and Grandma Karen have joined me for games as well.  
When Mom and Papa Rich can, they make their way down the mountain for Karsten too!

One game, J and G tagged along with Papa and Grandma. 
Grandma made an awesome picnic lunch and we noshed on some good eats after Karsten's game. 

 I love how my Mom and Papa Rich roll . . . styling in their covered folding lawn chairs!

 And this is my little buddy, after every game  . . . he really does leave it all out on the field!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crafty Ella

Ella loves to craft. She loves to make things, with paper and crayons, or other elements. She was given a sewing craft by Grandma Karen and she LOVED putting it together. The funniest part was when she pulled out these glasses and placed them on while she sewed.  Ella doesn't need glasses, they are fake, but she felt they were appropriate to wear while she made her stitches.  That's my funny girl. 

No rhyme or reason behind this picture of Karsten, 
I found it in my photo stream. 
It made me laugh and hope it does for you too!