' They Call Me June: July 2010
Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun in the Pines

A few weeks after getting back from Indiana, we (the kids and I) took our yearly, summer trip up to see my Nana and Papa in their summer home in Lakeside/Pinetop. My Mom was in town also, so she joined us, as did my cousin, Shauna, and her two munchkins too. We all decided to pile in Shauna's Tahoe for the trek; it was a tight squeeze, but saved us some $ on gas!  

Right away, the kiddos went to playing. Little Jon was inside the older kids outside - little Jon Boy so wanted to keep up with them, he's such a cutie pie!

Bella and Jon Nordling

My handsome boy, Karsty Do!
On our way up, it started to pour rain! So we all got drenched as we unloaded the car. 
It was such a nice change to get into jeans and long sleeve shirts.

I'm pretty sure Karsten took this picture of his Me-la!

Ella and Kar keeping Jon occupied while we got ready for the day. 

Painting rocks is the BEST thing to do! My Papa pulls out rusty old coffee cans, a bunch of paint brushes and the kids go to town painting rocks, trees, coyote decor . . .

Ssshh, should we tell Ella her tushy is showing?

We went into town for a tiny bit, found a Pony Ride before the rain came pouring down again! 
It was fantastic. Love that rain!

Doesn't he look HUGE on that pony?!

Little Ella Bella.

Bella Boo, not super sure of the pony, so Shauna and Jon walked round and round so Bella felt more comfortable. That's a multi-tasking Mama!

Bella. Is. Such. A. Ham.

The Porch. This is where all the magic happens. 
Lots of reading, drinking, talking, drinking, eating, drinking . . . .

This is usually what happens after every rock paint party - a water hose party!

All cleaned up, snug as bugs in rugs!

My Papa and the great - grandkids after a walk. 

Me-la and Kar - they have a special bond.

My uber-tan Mama and Me! I am so lucky to have her as my Mama!

My Nana and Papa - aren't they fab?!

Shauna and myself with the g-parents. Love them more than anything!

Thanks, Nana and Papa, fantastic trip as always. Can't wait to see you back in the Valley! Loves!