' They Call Me June: May 2010
Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day in the Pines

Happy Memorial Day! 
My fantastic Uncle and Aunt loaned us their super fun cabin in Munds Park, just outside of Flagstaff. 
It was the perfect setting for a Yoriglio Reunion! 
Our fab neighbors, the Giglio's joined us for the long weekend. 
Lots of relaxing, drinking, games, drinking games . . . :) 
It was so nice to get a break from the summer heat!
Oh, here we go! 

My Uncle has ALL the toys and we had so much FUN using them! 
Here is Mark in the Rhino and Jen on one of the quads. 
The kids are rocking it out in the back of the Rhino.

Kids in the back, dogs in the front!

Me, doing my best to look cute on an ATV!

The Yoriglio offspring.

Here I am driving the Rhino and the kids falling asleep while I was driving!
 I guess Mama isn't as exciting as Dada!

Thank you Chip and Cathy for your generosity and kindness . . . 
we had the very best time at your beautiful cabin! 
Some very great memories were had there! 
Thank you! xoxo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goodbye Mela and Papa Rich

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am one lucky ducky. I really love my job. And since I need to work, I am so very lucky that when I do have to go, I really enjoy where I go to. Sometimes this really fun job takes me out of town and it did this past May. We went to San Diego for a treatment coordinating conference - exciting, I know! Just a few pics for your viewing pleasure . . .

In class, studying so very hard! (Myself, Renee', Renee)

The Renee's and Me in Mission Beach, San Digeo

The Renee's, Dr. L and Me at Jrdn's Steakhouse

This picture was not from our weekend getaway, but I just threw it in here because it's of our team, which is fabulous!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ella & Gracie's Graduation Program at Love of Christ Lutheran Church

The baby girls are growing up! They are now graduates of preschool! To celebrate this wonderful day, their school put on a singing pageant and the girls got very dressed up for the occasion! Uncle Marky helped with their hair and they both looked gorgeous!

Little Ella Baby

Wowza! Grace is a knockout!

The besties together!

Some pics of the fam that gathered to see the girls perform. They adore all the love and support they get from their families . . .  and the boys love seeing each other! :)

I wanted a cute pic of my cute hubby, but this is what I got instead . . . 

On the jumbo TV!

Walking up to the stage . . .

This is the best pic I could get, on the huge TV. The girls stood in the middle of the stage, surrounded by other kids, and my camera is just not that good! But I thought this turned out pretty good!

Here is Mrs. Trimboli and Mrs. Waszak, two great preschool teachers! Thank you ladies!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girlie Sleepover with the Second Generation

Shauna had the most fabulous idea - to have a girlie sleepover with our babies! 
So Shauna and Isabella, Meggy and Ava, joined Ella and I at our house for pizza, chocolate fondue, makeup, dress up, dancing and posing . . . oh there was so much posing! 

These little ones are so different, all with their own personalities; they really can hold their own.  
Strong and confident, sweet and sassy. We had a great time. 
It's now a annual event - one I will look forward to all year! 

Here they are dressed up in their favorite dresses.

Ella loves chocolate!

Bella is the BEST model, ever!!!

Ella taking cues from Bella!

Little Beans! She goes to the beat of her own drummer - she is quirky and sweet! 
I love her so.

This is just one of the MANY pictures of these girls posing. HA! They are fab!
 I wish you could see their shimmering faces - they really love make up!

Here's to all those girlie girls out there . . . as much as I love the make up and dress up, 
the time we had together was even more amazing! 
I love being with these fantastic women/girls! Love you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Water Day at CRRE

Water Day!!
Here are Karsten & Taylor, all set for Water Day at their school. I volunteered to help get the munchkins changed and lathered up with sunscreen. After that, I got to hang out with the other moms and watch them slip and slide all afternoon! Super fun!

BTW, how handsome does my little guy look in his aviators?! Gorg!

Karsten somehow got into the cutie girl group . . . can't you see how excited he is?

Here he goes!!!

Happy boy!

The kiddies sunning themselves afterwards, warming up a bit.

Calm and content, just so happy! Karsten had so much fun going on the slides, it was a really fun event. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pied Piper Photos 2010

Warning: Lots and lots of pictures in this post!

I LOVE the Pied Piper! She's amazing!
 I have not seen another photographer create photos quite like she does. 
I adore having my family shot by her and I adore the pictures she creates! 
Here are some of my favorites . . . 
xoxo, Lindsay, you are truly an artist!