' They Call Me June: 2015
Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Us

Twelve years is good. Pretty good I think. I'm so lucky that I love my husband the way I do and I'm incredibly blessed that he loves me the way he does. Of course we started off our anniversary week with an argument. We don't argue much, but it happens and Sunday sucked. Monday was our actual anniversary and my sweet husband surprised me with beautiful roses. Absolutely gorgeous. 

And then I made an instagram collage celebrating us, the roses and Groundhog's Day (the day of our anniversary). 

Here are some of my favorite "us" pics. Thanks babe, for sharing this wonderful life with me. 

xoxo forever, Your June

Monday, January 12, 2015


My poor baby got the flu. I have never seen Ella so sick, ever! She was out of school for a week and it literally took her that long to feel better. I'm so grateful that this has been the worst of her illnesses. If this is the hardest thing we have to deal with, then we are a very lucky family.  
Stay strong, baby girl! We love you!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rumor's Holiday Party - James Bond

I'm not even kidding, I love dressing up. Whether it's a costume party or just a night out, I plan my outfit, hair, makeup weeks in advance. Mark's holiday party was no exception. Julie decided to make a James Bond theme which was perfect! I was going to buy a glam gown, but then I remembered I have a dress that was my Grandmother's from the 60's. And that did it, I now know I was going to be a 60's Bond Girl, Portman Fraise (I made that name up.)

 The selfie mirror doesn't do my Nana's dress justice. It's so pretty and elegant, I love it!

My beehive hair was crazy to do, but turned out pretty good. Thank you You Tube hair tutorials! BTW, Mark thought I was crazy as I was watching them. 

Oh Mr. Yori, you look so handsome! 

So sometimes you get to capture little moments, snippets of life on a camera that aren't posed. This was one of them. The picture isn't perfect, but my husband is laughing and smiling and I am too just by looking at his beautiful face. I love this. Seriously, this picture makes my heart BURST! He's my partner in crime, the one I lay next to every night, the one I share my babies with, he's my everything. And in this picture he is happy and that makes me happy. I love this guy so much and I am the luckiest lady in all the land.

We had a fabulous time. Just smashing. 


Karsten has decided Lacrosse is his new absolute favorite sport ever in the whole world. It's awesome. I'm just happy that my car has some folding chairs in it again. We missed those. :)

Kar's team has had only had a handful of practices but they had a tournament this past weekend. This tournament was supposed to happen in December but was rained out twice. So here we go! I think only a few players on the 20 something roster have actually even played in a legit game before so we weren't expecting a win. The first game was pretty brutal, I had a quick chance to talk to Kar before the second game and asked how he felt. I said he LOVED it! So even though they lost, he was still stoked! That makes my heart happy. 

 My little man on the field in action. 

 Kar and his best buddy, Aidan.

Expect many more pictures of this little dude this season. We are so excited for this new adventure!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Brownie Cookie Kick Off Party

I love our Brownie Troop. Ella has been with this troop since Kindergarten when she was a Daisy! Awesome troop leaders and girls, we have a blast. It's almost cookie time and the neighborhood had a Cookie Kick Off party; neon style. They got the BEST DJ EVER! I sat out a few songs, but couldn't hold back and had to jump up and join the girls. Too much fun!

Ella Jane and her BFF, Avi. 

 BFF's having cupcakes.

 Excited girls to go dance again!

 Dancing up a storm!

This is the most amazing dance video you will ever see.

About 30 minutes before the party was scheduled to end, our fabulous DJ's fog machine set off all of the smoke alarms in the school. Imagine 100 brownie girls scouts, dressed in neon and glow sticks with their moms filing out to a dark playground while the alarms in the school go off and crazy! The Gilbert Fire trucks showed up shortly after and all the troop leaders are running around crazy. One of the firemen took a peak into the playground area and started cracking up. We were let back in after they checked out the school and we finished up are party. Mama was wiped out after that and so were the girls. But we had the greatest time. 

One of my favorite things about Brownies is how much we give back to the community. Every event we have, we always have a donation to bring. This time we brought a new pair of shoes. Sometimes its a toy, or pajamas, it's always something. We are having fun, but always thinking of others. Good stuff.
Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free Custard!

We love food and when we saw a sign at our fav burger joint to post a picture of us on Instagram and hashtag #burgerfi to get a free custard, well, by golly that's just what we did!

I love my family.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Payson New Year's 2015

After a busy Christmas (lots of family), a quick trip to Sedona after Christmas, we thought it was appropriate to take another road trip to visit my parents in Payson. We LOVE to go to Payson, definitely one of our favorite places to be.  There is something about being at your mom's house that is so relaxing and comforting. Our plan was to head up after I worked a few hours on New Year's Eve; but Mother Nature had other plans. The storm I was supposed to avoid by driving up that afternoon hit New Year's Eve morning and it hit the Valley and Mountains HARD! By the time we were ready to head out, they had closed the highway. We were so sad! We drove around, getting gas and lunch, hoping by the time we were done they will have opened the highway. Nope! Still closed. We went home to wait. My mom kept telling me to come up the next day, but I knew we could make it up that day, I would make sure of it. I kept refreshing the highway website that listed the closures and after another hour, I noticed it was open! I had my mom verify that I read everything correctly (I had) and we were on our way!!! I knew I had a crazy drive ahead, but I didn't realize what I was getting into. Luckily I have a car that has 4 wheel drive, so I was fairly confident we would make it. That drive was very tense and scary a few times, but we made it to Payson safe and sound . . . and my kids were over the moon about the snow! 

Here is a picture of the two lane highway we drove on. It was down to one lane in the middle because the snow kept piling up on the sides of the road and the snow plows couldn't keep up with the snow. I followed a Jeep most of the way to Payson. 

This picture was taken about 5 minutes after we made it to my mom and dad's house. Quick change into snow clothes and they literally just flopped down on the snow. This is in my parent's driveway, the kids didn't even make it into the front yard! 

Happy happy little munchkins!

 Snow Mama. Happy to be here! 

 The next day after playing in the front yard again, it was time to go sledding! This hill was super close to the house and so fun! Here goes Lala Jane!

 We convinced Daddy to take a break from work and come up for the day. He decided to take on the sled hill once too!

 My daredevil little guy, sledding on his belly, face first.

 Another great things about my parent's house is all the CUTE animals they have. Here is the newest addition, Miss Tiffany. She's super cuddly, soft and chubby. We fell in love instantly!

 My favorite picture from the weekend. This was taken later on in the day, after sledding. They absolutely loved being outside in the snow; they loved jumping in it, laying in it, eating it. My desert rats have turned into snow bunnies! 

Thanks Mela and Papa Rich for the best few days! We loved being with you and had so much fun. I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year! Love you!