' They Call Me June: Lacrosse!!!!
Saturday, January 10, 2015


Karsten has decided Lacrosse is his new absolute favorite sport ever in the whole world. It's awesome. I'm just happy that my car has some folding chairs in it again. We missed those. :)

Kar's team has had only had a handful of practices but they had a tournament this past weekend. This tournament was supposed to happen in December but was rained out twice. So here we go! I think only a few players on the 20 something roster have actually even played in a legit game before so we weren't expecting a win. The first game was pretty brutal, I had a quick chance to talk to Kar before the second game and asked how he felt. I said he LOVED it! So even though they lost, he was still stoked! That makes my heart happy. 

 My little man on the field in action. 

 Kar and his best buddy, Aidan.

Expect many more pictures of this little dude this season. We are so excited for this new adventure!

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