' They Call Me June: Payson New Year's 2015
Thursday, January 1, 2015

Payson New Year's 2015

After a busy Christmas (lots of family), a quick trip to Sedona after Christmas, we thought it was appropriate to take another road trip to visit my parents in Payson. We LOVE to go to Payson, definitely one of our favorite places to be.  There is something about being at your mom's house that is so relaxing and comforting. Our plan was to head up after I worked a few hours on New Year's Eve; but Mother Nature had other plans. The storm I was supposed to avoid by driving up that afternoon hit New Year's Eve morning and it hit the Valley and Mountains HARD! By the time we were ready to head out, they had closed the highway. We were so sad! We drove around, getting gas and lunch, hoping by the time we were done they will have opened the highway. Nope! Still closed. We went home to wait. My mom kept telling me to come up the next day, but I knew we could make it up that day, I would make sure of it. I kept refreshing the highway website that listed the closures and after another hour, I noticed it was open! I had my mom verify that I read everything correctly (I had) and we were on our way!!! I knew I had a crazy drive ahead, but I didn't realize what I was getting into. Luckily I have a car that has 4 wheel drive, so I was fairly confident we would make it. That drive was very tense and scary a few times, but we made it to Payson safe and sound . . . and my kids were over the moon about the snow! 

Here is a picture of the two lane highway we drove on. It was down to one lane in the middle because the snow kept piling up on the sides of the road and the snow plows couldn't keep up with the snow. I followed a Jeep most of the way to Payson. 

This picture was taken about 5 minutes after we made it to my mom and dad's house. Quick change into snow clothes and they literally just flopped down on the snow. This is in my parent's driveway, the kids didn't even make it into the front yard! 

Happy happy little munchkins!

 Snow Mama. Happy to be here! 

 The next day after playing in the front yard again, it was time to go sledding! This hill was super close to the house and so fun! Here goes Lala Jane!

 We convinced Daddy to take a break from work and come up for the day. He decided to take on the sled hill once too!

 My daredevil little guy, sledding on his belly, face first.

 Another great things about my parent's house is all the CUTE animals they have. Here is the newest addition, Miss Tiffany. She's super cuddly, soft and chubby. We fell in love instantly!

 My favorite picture from the weekend. This was taken later on in the day, after sledding. They absolutely loved being outside in the snow; they loved jumping in it, laying in it, eating it. My desert rats have turned into snow bunnies! 

Thanks Mela and Papa Rich for the best few days! We loved being with you and had so much fun. I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year! Love you!

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