' They Call Me June: Brownie Cookie Kick Off Party
Friday, January 9, 2015

Brownie Cookie Kick Off Party

I love our Brownie Troop. Ella has been with this troop since Kindergarten when she was a Daisy! Awesome troop leaders and girls, we have a blast. It's almost cookie time and the neighborhood had a Cookie Kick Off party; neon style. They got the BEST DJ EVER! I sat out a few songs, but couldn't hold back and had to jump up and join the girls. Too much fun!

Ella Jane and her BFF, Avi. 

 BFF's having cupcakes.

 Excited girls to go dance again!

 Dancing up a storm!

This is the most amazing dance video you will ever see.

About 30 minutes before the party was scheduled to end, our fabulous DJ's fog machine set off all of the smoke alarms in the school. Imagine 100 brownie girls scouts, dressed in neon and glow sticks with their moms filing out to a dark playground while the alarms in the school go off and crazy! The Gilbert Fire trucks showed up shortly after and all the troop leaders are running around crazy. One of the firemen took a peak into the playground area and started cracking up. We were let back in after they checked out the school and we finished up are party. Mama was wiped out after that and so were the girls. But we had the greatest time. 

One of my favorite things about Brownies is how much we give back to the community. Every event we have, we always have a donation to bring. This time we brought a new pair of shoes. Sometimes its a toy, or pajamas, it's always something. We are having fun, but always thinking of others. Good stuff.

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