' They Call Me June: July 2009
Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Vacation

So one Friday in July, I hopped on a plane to go here . . .

To eat some of this . . .

. . . and some of this . . .

. . . while looking at this!

I also got to go shopping here . . .

You may be asking yourself why did Lizzie get to go, eat and shop at all these places? Find your answer below . . .

Twenty-eight years ago, a wonderful set of grandparents (my Nana and Papa) decided to treat their three daughters to a girls vacation - a vacation just for the girls. No husbands and no kids! These three sisters were April (my Aunt), Gayle (my Mom) and Kim (my Aunt). This tradition has carried on year after year, mostly in California, but has taken the three sisters and their mom as far as New York and Europe!

In more recent years, the children of these three sisters are now wives and mothers, and the tradition has grown to include these daughters and nieces. This was my first girls vacation! Along with my sister and cousin, I flew out to California to meet my other cousin, who flew in from Chicago, to see my mom, my aunt and my Nana. We had a fabulous time! We ate, drank, talked, laughed - and I only had to take care of myself all weekend!

As much fun as we had, visiting all these fabulous places, the best times were spent in our hotel room, talking and laughing about boys and family and friends. I am so blessed to have my husband and my two kids, but my life is even fuller than most because of the relationships I have with my grandmother, my aunts and cousins and especially my mom and sister. I know so many fantastic, smart, beautiful women! What a treat this vacation truly was to spend time with them!
Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Happy Birthday to sweet, sweet Molz! We celebrated Molly's birthday at Bounce Jungle - a favorite spot of ours! The day was filled with fun, crazy kids running around, good friends and cute babies!

The Girls! I have known these gorgeous ladies for over 7 years now. I really owe a big part of my career to them; they brought my to a private practice from Southwest Dental (where we had all worked together) which then lead to my position now. Yeah! And what's even better than that?! We are still friends! Life has taken us each in different directions, we don't work together anymore, but we have still kept in touch! I think that's pretty special; and I think these girls are pretty special too! Luvs!
Friday, July 17, 2009

Me-La's Back!!!!

OMG! My Mama's Home! (At least for a couple of weeks!) She flew in on a Thursday and was leaving for Cali on Saturday. So we (Karsten, Ella and I) had about 18 hours to shop, shop, shop and that's what we did! Me-la spoiled us, but what was EVEN better than that . . . was having her back! We missed her so and we LOVE her to pieces and wish she could be here with us always. But we know that she has a wonderful b-friend on a lake somewhere in Indiana missing her to pieces too so she has to leave us soon. But we will cherish the times that we have while we have her. Here are some pics of our new kicks, courtesy of Me-la!

Thank you Me-la and we love you more than you'll ever know!
Friday, July 10, 2009

Tahoe 2009

Wouldn't you want to live here?

Especially if this is your backyard?!

These are pictures of the homes Mark's family owns in Lake Tahoe. They have a cabin, where Mark's aunt lives, and a custom home built by Mark's uncle, which he and his family lives in. We stayed with Mark's uncle and Mark's cousin, Jason, and J's family stayed in the cabin. Jason has four kids! Whew! They are busy! But it was perfect for my munchkins, they couldn't have been happier.

Our days there were filled with fun, relaxation, food, drink, a little bit of gambling, and tons of good times. We can't wait to go back!

First Day on the Beach. I have never seen a beach like this! We were surrounded by gorgeous pine trees, with soft, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Really amazing!

Mark and his cousin Jason at the Cal-Neva Casino. Jason was standing on the California side and Mark was standing on the Nevada side.

Oh Ella . . .

Second Beach Day . . .
Grandpa's here! The kids adore Grandpa Yori and they had the best time playing with him and he is so patient and loving towards them. We had a great day on the beach!

Welcome to High Sierra Gardens . . .
This is Mark's Uncle and Aunt's business. They have a beautiful nursery, florist and gift shop and landscaping business. It was such a treat to see the shop and all the beautiful things they grow and design.

Look at my kids flying! We headed up to North Star, a ski resort in Tahoe. They have some little boutiques, a roller rink, restaurants and a bungee trampoline jump that the kids wanted to do. The resort was so-so, but the kids had a great time soaring through the air! Ella was more hopping, than soaring, but I love the picture with her little legs and toes pointed - she reminds me of a little Pixie Fairy! Love that girl!

We had a great time playing miniature golf . . . a first for the Yori kids. Ella gave up after two holes, but Karsten did so well! Just like his Daddy!

Last day of swimming. This is Ellie (Mark's cousin, Jason's, little girl) catching crawdads and Karsten warily watching.

Back in Reno

Mark's family has a deep history in the city of Reno . . . their family has a street named after them, a city park and an apartment complex!! Mark's dad took us down Yori street so we could see it for ourselves! Check it out!