' They Call Me June: June 2010
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Indiana, Take Three!

We took our third and annual trip to Lake Wawasee, Indiana, at the end of June.
Being that we've been there twice before, we knew what to expect, but it seems to get better every year! There seems to be three strong themes that radiate throughout our trip which I've explained here:

Eat. Play. Sleep.

Three basic needs, but so much fun! It's so relaxing and wonderful! So here we go!

Taking off on a jet plane.


We had to stop as soon as we landed in South Bend, Indiana.
 Mark has never been to Steak and Shake!
Seeing as I am such a world traveler, I have enjoyed the fine dining of a Steak and Shake
 with my cousin, while visiting her in Illinois. 
Something everyone should enjoy!

The munchies helping Me-la make brownies at the house.

Home made ice cream cones with Ava.

Popcorn and Beer? Nope! Just some soda. :)

Seriously?! Could she been any cuter? Ava GRUBBED on some sweet corn!

Mmmmmm . . . Cinnamon Roll . . . 


Oh the jet ski. What can I say about my husband's girlfriend? 
We all enjoy the jet ski very much, but Mark and the kids love it so so much, it's hard to describe. 
So you'll have to take my word for it and here's a cute pic of my hubby and my baby.  

Karsten really took advantage of the diving board this year, since he is swimming now, he doesn't have to wear his lifejacket anymore. This pissed Ella off so much and she would try and sneak down there without putting it on. Good thing the neighbor kids would tattle on her and let me know! Good job, Lehner Kids, good job! :)

Karsten with Emma Lehner.

Ella jumping off the diving board (wearing her life jacket)!

A HUGE part of our "Play" was fireworks. Tons of fireworks! Actually, on the 4th of July, we didn't even go to see the Syracuse fireworks, Mark and Rich put on a display for us by the railroad tracks. 
There was only one time where we all had to run for cover!

Rich taking a ride with Gingersnap.

Watching the fireworks on Lake Wawasee on the 3rd of July in the Woody boat. 

Water balloon fight!!! It was the kids against Mark!

See them going after him?! So funny!

It took them so long to fill them up with water and about 2 minutes to go through all of the balloons!

"The Kids" The Lehner kids (minus Charlie), The Yori kids & The Ruiz kids (minus Charlotte). 
From left to right, Jack, Katie, Ella, Lily, Emma, Karsten, and Ava.
Those Lehner kids are so much a part of why our vacation is so wonderful each and every year. 
They are really great kids, their ages are all around and in between my kids' ages - 
they have a fantastic time together. 
Every year it gets better, they remember faster and have built memories together. 
I am looking forward to a lifetime of memories with these kiddos!



And to finish things up, here are some of my very favorite people . . . .

And just a couple more pictures of beautiful Indiana!

This is taken on the porch, right outside our back door . . .

On the lawn, under the shady tree . . .

We always take a family photo on our last day of the vacation.
 I wanted to show each photo we've taken from the last three years:




I hope these are just the beginning to a lot of summers spent in Lake Wawasee - it truly is the last best place and we are super duper lucky to get to enjoy it with our amazing family and friends. 
Until next year, Lake Wawasee, we will be back!