' They Call Me June: September 2012
Sunday, September 30, 2012
Happy Birthday Adelaide May!
Can you believe my niece (or my long lost baby) is ONE?! She is the super cutest and is really fun. We drove down to the Nordling homestead for her birthday party. I don't know how Shauna did it, she and Brandon flew in from Texas that morning, drove home and set up an awesome candy filled birthday party. Candy everywhere! My kids ate so much candy that Karsten thought he was going to puke as we were loading up to go home. Shauna thought that was funny as she handed me some plastic bags for the trip home. Thanks, Shauna. :)

Love this little Nordling face! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chasing Summer

My MIL had a great idea one Sunday and invited the whole fam dam over to her pool (resort) for swimming and BBQ. As much as I am anticipating fall, I have to say, spending a day in late September lounging, swimming and enjoying the outside is not too shabby. The kids of course had a BLAST. The food was amazing, as always and Sunday Funday with the Family is always my favorite! Thanks, Mama for some end of summer memories - you are the BEST!

And they are d

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mo's Bachlorette Party

I am not going to elaborate on this event much. 
There isn't much that would be appropriate to share in this forum. :)
 We had a bachlorette party for my best buddy, Renee', and let's just say, it was fun. 

Here are myself and the other ladies who are honored to be in Renee's wedding. 
We look like nice, respectable women, right? 

 And here are just a sample of some photos from the bachlorette party. Ummm . . . .

Yep, it's a good night when you end up kissing a panda!
Love you, Mo

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ella lost her first tooth!

Finally! That is now my usual response when one of my children loses a tooth. Ella FINALLY lost her first one. My kids are dentally delayed; this is my fault. I've passed that genetic gene onto them. 
Oh well, whatcha gonna do? :) 

I am the worst with wiggly teeth. You would think since I make my living in the dental industry, I would be all over those suckers, but I'm not. They give me the willies.  Mark is much better in the wiggling/pulling baby teeth out department. Ugh, yuck! 

Ella has been hanging on to this tooth for-ever! We were reading a book at night, and she was working on it and working on it with a washcloth. I could see the washcloth getting some blood on it (blach!) so I sent her downstairs to have Daddy look at it. Two seconds later the tooth was out and my little baby lost her first tooth. 

Then the most amazing thing happened . . . I caught the tooth fairy in Ella's room! I went in to check on the girls and saw the tooth fairy sprinkling fairy dust onto Ella's pillow. She must have just finished leaving the money for Ella because she flew off right after I was able to snap a picture. I couldn't believe it! I printed the picture out and showed Ella in the morning. Well, to say the least, she was VERY surprised. She told me she was even a little "freaked out". She made sure to show her brother who had told her before that he doesn't belive in fairies. I asked him what he thought and he said that he believes in the Tooth Fairy, just not other fairies. Thanks for the clarification, Karsten. :)

Well, say goodbye to this smile and say hello to Ella's new one!