' They Call Me June: Rumor's Holiday Party - James Bond
Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rumor's Holiday Party - James Bond

I'm not even kidding, I love dressing up. Whether it's a costume party or just a night out, I plan my outfit, hair, makeup weeks in advance. Mark's holiday party was no exception. Julie decided to make a James Bond theme which was perfect! I was going to buy a glam gown, but then I remembered I have a dress that was my Grandmother's from the 60's. And that did it, I now know I was going to be a 60's Bond Girl, Portman Fraise (I made that name up.)

 The selfie mirror doesn't do my Nana's dress justice. It's so pretty and elegant, I love it!

My beehive hair was crazy to do, but turned out pretty good. Thank you You Tube hair tutorials! BTW, Mark thought I was crazy as I was watching them. 

Oh Mr. Yori, you look so handsome! 

So sometimes you get to capture little moments, snippets of life on a camera that aren't posed. This was one of them. The picture isn't perfect, but my husband is laughing and smiling and I am too just by looking at his beautiful face. I love this. Seriously, this picture makes my heart BURST! He's my partner in crime, the one I lay next to every night, the one I share my babies with, he's my everything. And in this picture he is happy and that makes me happy. I love this guy so much and I am the luckiest lady in all the land.

We had a fabulous time. Just smashing. 

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